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    ◊ Courses from AY 2016/2017 are available from My Courses link in the blue menu bar above.

    ◊ To copy a course from AY 2016/2017, go to the new course and use the import instructions. 

    ◊To access courses from previous academic years (AY 2013/2014 & AY 2014/2015), you need to be on campus or use CougarApps.

    ◊ You do not need to use CougarApps when accessing AY 2015/2016 courses from off campus.

    ♦To reuse content from previous academic years, use the backup/restore instructions (linked below).

    CougarApps Process:

    Important: You can only use CougarApps with Firefox or Internet Explorer.  You must complete the entire backup/restore process within CougarApps.

    ◊ If you haven't used CougarApps before, start with the setup instructions, and add the Firefox or IE browser labeled Cougar Courses to your CougarApps homescreen. 

    • Login to and select Cougar Courses or Firefox and navigate to Cougar Courses. 

    • Go to the Navigation block on the left of this page (Previous courses) and select the AY of your previous course. 

    • Once at that site, login and select your course

    • Follow instructions in the guides and instructions section below to backup and restore your course.

         video icon Watch the video of the process.

    On Campus Process:

    • Click on the academic year containing the course you wish to reuse from the links in the navigation block on the left of this page

    • Once at that site, login to the archive and select your course.

    • Follow the instructions listed below, or available on the archive homepage to backup your course and download the backup file

    Guides and Instructions:

    If you need assistance, please email

  • Fall 2014 to Summer 2015

  • Fall 2013 to Summer 2014