Is your Fall 2018 course missing?

This means the course end date has been set to a current date.  Look on the Past tab and you will find it located there.

Students - If you don't see it on the Past tab, your instructor could have hidden the course.  Check with your instructor for access.

Faculty - End of semester grade book tasks

Error message when logging in

Some users are reporting a "header too long" message when they attempt to login.  To resolve the issue, you will need to clear your cache and cookies, close the browser completely, open it, and go to Make sure there isn't anything else at the end of the URL.  Attempt to login again.  If you still receive an error, send a screenshot of the entire page to using your CSUSM email address.

Clear your cache

503 Service Unavailable Message

If you receive a 503 Service Unavailabel Message, completely close the browser, open it, and login again.  If that does not resolve the issue, use a different browser.  If you still receive the error, immediately send a screenshot to

503 service unavailable