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TULIP is returning this summer!
End of the Semester Gradebook help

Image of tulip flowers with the title "Technology Use in Learning and Instructional Programs"

Applications due June 14

TULIP is designed to offer faculty the opportunity to adopt new ways to support and improve student learning through the use of appropriately integrated technology. This year the TULIP program is focused on three software tools that can be used to create multimedia learning objects for your course: Camtasia Studio, SoftChalk, or ArcGIS.

#1  Verify your course total is correct. If not:

  • verify that any extra credit items are checked as extra credit in that column. 
  • make sure unused assignments are set to zero points or deleted from course.

#2. Uncheck "Aggregate only non-empty grades" boxes if using weighted categories.

demonstrates steps to uncheck "aggregate only non-empty grades."

Read the full list of Things to do in your Cougar Courses Gradebook at the End of the Semester.

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