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  • Students:  Are you having problems submitting your Turnitin assignments?  If so, you need to configure your browsers to allow pop-ups from: http://cc.csusm.edu Follow these directions to configure all of your browsers.  


Events & Workshops

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NCAT Course Redesign Webinars

The National Center for Academic Transformation (NCAT) is offering free webinars on course redesign. beginning with  a  Getting Started Webinar on September, 16 at 10am PST as well as three discipline specific webinars (economics, math, and biology).  

Turnitin - 30 minute webcasts - free registration

upcoming webcasts include:

  • 9/18/14 10am Positive Feedback Strategies to enhance Student Engagement
  • 9/25/14 10am Building Broad-based Rubric Adoption to Enhance Programmatic Assessment

Faculty Center Calendar of Events

Upcoming Teaching and Learning Workshops (located in KEL 2413) include:

  • 9/18/14 12pm Exploring High Impact Practices: Beyond the Buzzword
  • 9/26/14 12pm Common Core Workshop
  • 10/2/14 12pm Threshold Concepts for Transformational Teaching

Cougar Courses - fall 2014

Text editor

  • PoodLL Anywhere allows audio or video recording, camera snapshots or a whiteboard
    wherever the text editor is available
  • Math equation creation/editing
  • Manage multiple embedded files in text areas


  • OU Wiki - A better interface, and can be graded!
  • New drag and drop question types
  • Edit all dates and group assignments from one page


  • Improved integration and workflow with CC
  • Peermark peer grading is back!
  • Students can drag and drop their submissions


  • For real-time online meetings/screen sharing and collaboration
  • Free accounts for all faculty and students from http://zoom.csusm.edu using campus login. 
  • Integrate a permanent link to your Zoom meetings into your CC or create meetings as needed.

Learn more about these new features.

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