Faculty only can access Fall Cougar Courses at http://cc2015.csusm.edu.  You need to log on at that site before you will see your courses.  You can backup your courses here, then and restore the backup to your cc2015 courses.  We will redirect the URL back to http://cc.csusm.edu a couple of days before the Fall semester starts. 


Maintenance is performed nightly between 1 am and 4 am, and users could experience technical difficulties during those hours of the night.

Posting Forum Replies: Using the REPLY function in your email does not send a reply to the forum. When replying to a discussion posting you receive in your email that was sent by your instructor or classmate, you MUST click on the Reply link at the bottom of the message that then opens a browser and prompts you to login to Cougar Courses to reply. 

Turnitin Assignments: Follow these directions to configure all of your browsers to allow pop-ups and use Firefox as your internet browser. Safari does NOT work with Turnitin.


Start of Semester Tasks
 CALM Proposals

Make your course visible to students.

2. Upload your syllabus.

3. Import content from this academic year, or back-up and restore content from a previous academic year.

4. Go to Reports > Dates to update due dates on a single page.

5. Did you include due dates in assignment titles? Use the pencil icon next to titles to update titles.

6. Verify external links in your course are working.

7. Add the Media Library as a Course User > Facilitator without access to grades.

Check out the Faculty How-to Guides tab at the top for a list of instructions for "Start of Semester Tasks"

CALM & Cool4Ed Icon
CALM Proposals still accepted for verified late course assignments until August 15th.

The CALM project aims to aid faculty in replacing costly textbooks with lower cost alternates. Check out examples of previously funded CALM projects on the Faculty Heroes pages.

PROPOSAL DETAILS - Review prior to completing application.


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