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FACULTY Professional Development Opportunities 

Application deadlines coming up on May 1st

CALM logoApply for a CALM grant

Only 40% of the students we surveyed had all their textbooks in the first week of class. 65% don’t purchase all their textbooks, although they realize this impacts their grade negatively. When you adopt an OER textbook or materials, students have access on the first day and every day, increasing their chances of success.

The CALM project aims to aid faculty in replacing costly textbooks with lower cost alternates.

•    Proposals due May 1
•    Website for more info
•    Apply

clipart of flip flops     Flip Camp

The evidence continues to grow that flipped instruction is more effective than traditional lecture-style classes.

Gain exposure to examples of how other teachers are using flipped instruction. Understand key considerations and concerns to be addressed in flipped teaching and learning. Design a full cycle of flipped learning in your classroom with a personalized plan.

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